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Tax Penalties and Settlements

If you're late in paying some or all of your federal taxes, there's a strong likelihood the IRS will impose tax penalties on you. A tax penalty can take many forms, but the bottom line is that it can cost you substantially more than the amount you currently owe in taxes. If the matter remains unresolved, the IRS can deduct money directly from your wages and bank account. It may also impose liens on your property. Because of all the serious repercussions of unpaid taxes, it's vitally important to get the immediate help of a qualified tax resolution company. Backed by over 40 years of combined experience in IRS penalty abatement and tax settlement negotiation, Taxation Solutions, Inc. is a firm that can get your income tax penalties removed and enable you to take charge of your tax problems. With a highly capable staff of CPAs, enrolled agents, and income tax attorneys, we can represent your interests before the IRS in installment agreement and tax settlement negotiations. For a free phone consultation, call our tax resolution pros today! We're here to help.

Taxation Solutions, Inc. - Tax ReceiptsIf your tax liability far exceeds your ability to pay, you may be eligible for an offer in compromise. That's a tax settlement procedure that can potentially reduce the amount of tax you now owe to the IRS. Our tax consultants will work with you to write and submit a credible offer in compromise, making sure that paperwork is properly filled out, submitted on time, and accompanied by the appropriate fees. Our expertise with offers in compromise, innocent spouse relief, and other types of tax settlements can provide you with the tax debt relief you need to get your finances back in order. You can count on our team of tax consultants to leave no stone unturned in our efforts to help you obtain an appropriate tax settlement.

Our services, which can put a stop to wage garnishment, liens, and other government actions, can help you resolve a variety of federal and state tax problems. We can also help you pursue effective strategies for tax debt reduction, penalty abatement, and an IRS settlement. Whether you're facing a tax penalty for underpayment or you need help in dealing with other federal tax penalties, our experts can provide you with a lasting solution. If you need help with tax penalty abatement, payroll tax problems, or IRS debt forgiveness, call or e-mail the tax professionals at Taxation Solutions, Inc. here in Los Angeles today.

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