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If There's a Tax Audit in Your Future, We're Ready to Step In

If you've received notice of an upcoming audit by the IRS, you need to respond promptly. But you don't have to face that tax audit alone. In and around Los Angeles, Taxation Solutions, Inc. is your best choice for audit defense, combining 40 years of staff experience with a commitment to meeting each and every client's needs. We'll pursue the best possible outcome to your audit from the IRS. Get in touch with us at (310) 853-5690 to learn more, and to book your appointment! 

IRS audits come with a deadline attached. Is your tax audit date smack in the middle of tax season? Even at this hectic time of year, Taxation Solutions, Inc. is equipped to guide you forward swiftly and accurately. Our licensed and insured pros specialize in meeting IRS time frames, even when they're particularly tight. We offer emergency service if your audit by the IRS is just around the corner. 

IRS audits don't have to spell disaster—especially with skilled professionals on your side of the bargaining table. In the greater Los Angeles area, Taxation Solutions, Inc. is the individual and business audit specialist to count on for lasting results in your dealings with the IRS. We're standing by to take your call.