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Amazing Results for a California Native Needing Tax Help!

Our enrolled agents and tax attorneys believe that when it comes to settling any tax issue for a taxpayer that it is only settled for the lowest amount allowed by law. In the last few weeks, our team has been has been diligently negotiating with the IRS for a client who had a $300,000 lien placed against them.

The client “B.T.” suffered not only from the emotional stress but also from the financial burden of having his credit score decreasing and the embarrassment of having the amount being a matter of public record.

“I was struggling and I was scared. I couldn’t deal with it honestly” says B.T

B.T. became a client of Taxation Solutions in the fall of 2012 and after several months of arduous negotiating with the IRS we were able to settle the $300,000 lien for only $1,000 for B.T.

“The IRS claimed I owed them $300,000 in back taxes. I didn’t have the money! I was struggling financially and going through a lot emotionally. I was getting information from companies offering to help me. I was worried at first that all of the letters were people trying to scam me. The ones I did talk to sounded like they could help me. The only problem was that they wanted so much money to handle my case and I just didn’t have the money. Taxation Solutions sent me a letter offering their services and said that they would get me the best deal that could be made. They were easy to work with and kept me informed of what was going on. They were a big help to me and made the whole thing as painless as possible.” –B.T.