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Business owner faces jail time over tax evasion

Michigan business owner George Adatsi, plead guilty to intentionally hidden assets from the IRS and not properly reporting his employees wages and not paying $121,214 in “FICA Taxes” that he collected. Adatsi is facing up to three years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

IRS accepts Settlement Offer

The IRS recently accepted a settlement offer which saved a client over $80,000 in back tax debt.

Amazing Results for a California Native Needing Tax Help!

We were able to reduce a client's back tax debt from over $300,000 to the low amount of only $1,000.

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We are here for today's taxpayer in need of IRS relief! We can resolve back taxes, audits and deal with the IRS!

What can Taxation Solutions do for you in regards to a tax lien?

To say that tax liens are serious is a huge understatement. We help taxpayers everyday stop tax liens from the IRS.

Some advice for dealing with back taxes

What should you do if you are one of the many Americans who need to file back taxes?

Taxation Solutions founder Barry G. Fowler, EA featured on ABC

Taxation Solutions founder and Director Barry G. Fowler featured on ABC's KTRE.

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